Alma L.:
I had to reschedule the "installation" several times due to family needs.  He accommodated me at a very difficult time for me with words that put me at ease and made the necessary changes.  Your crew worked hard and skillfully.  I am impressed with your customer service.

All of the employees with whom I dealt were extremely courteous.  You appear to have an organization which clearly believes in CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Vicky G.:
We LOVE our new furnace and Air Purifier.  We saw a difference in our air quality immediately (2 dogs and a heavy smoker).  It's extremely quiet and keeps us very comfortable.

Kier/Kelly P.:
Wonderful job - extremely satisfied with your service not only at this home, but at our previous home as well.

Gary S.:
It was a pleasure to receive the excellent service from everyone.  They went above and beyond to assist me in my home addition project.

Jim M.:
Charles has done an excellent job for us.  This is the second furnace we purchased from you in 2 years (we moved).  I'd recommend your company to everyone.

Pam I.:
The installation crew was wonderful!  Very efficient and conscientious!  I have HEAT, and a tremendous amount of stress removed thanks to you.  Thank you again!

Phil H.:
I thank you for many years of dependable, good service. I always got super emergency service during the cold weather emergencies. You did all my heating and cooling service in an economical, high quality way.

Luke M.:
Bill and his partner were very professional and hard working. A 1950's work ethic is appreciated in 2002.

Holly K.:
Your Installation crew was so professional and courteous!  I was really impressed!  Our new furnace works great and we noticed the air being so much cleaner from the first day!

Terry B.:
Thank you so very much for the way you handled the furnace installation.  You protected my wood floors and you were careful not to let my dog out.  All of you were great!  Furnace is working beautifully.  I already can tell that the air purifier is helping my allergies.  I'll recommend you to anyone.  Thanks Again.

Maryann W.:
Too often we make comments in a negative manner.  I would like to take this opportunity to praise the repairman (Bill) I had.  He was very courteous and acted in a very professional manner.

Bill M.
Thank you for the quick response to my furnace problem.  Everyone I talked to, from the office lady to the repairman, was very professional and polite.  Thank you again.  You're #1 in my book, and I'll tell everyone.

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