Brothers Bill and Charles Allen not only repair, but design and install air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, humidifiers, and programmable thermostats.

B&D Refrigeration serves all of Central Kentucky, specializing in Repairs, Retrofits, HVAC System Upgrades and Preventive Maintenance. 

We offer after hours service and 24-hour emergency service AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! Along with our exclusive written guarantee. Our clients range from homeowners, to apartment and condominium owners. 

Do you have high heating and cooling bills each month?  
Our Residential Energy Audits help homeowners make decisions about upgrading the energy savings measures of their homes. We have contracts with local utility companies to provide energy audits and subsidized heat pump tune-ups. We also provide Farm Home Administration approved energy audits for multi-family properties in accordance with FmHA Instruction 1930-C Exhibit D. Bids for FHA and other Energy Audits available upon request. Questions about energy saving audits... click here to email us at:

We design complete HVAC systems for the owner or contractor built home. B&D Refrigeration specializes in the design of new and retrofit of existing heating and cooling systems. Our goal is the exceptional comfort in the heating and cooling of your home.

Does you home get really dusty, really fast?  Chances are the ductwork in your house is held together with duct tape. We all know  that duct tape is great for many fixes, but tape is not the best way to hold together ducts! With duct tape a house leaks air, let us seal those ducts.


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